Conditions of hire:

  • For your safety please keep wheelie bin wheels locked when stationary

  •  No asbestos, oil, paint, batteries or gas bottles

  • Our service is provided for light general and/or green waste

  • Paper and cardboard only hire means PAPER AND CARDBOARD ONLY no plastics

  • 660 Litre JUMBO wheelie bin max weight is 250kg

  • 1100 Litre MEGA wheelie bin max weight is 350kg

  • Overweight charges are: $25 per 50kg for JUMBO and MEGA wheelie bins

  •  JUMBO and MEGA wheelie bins must be mobile upon pick up

  • JUMBO and MEGA wheelie bin lid must be able to close and rubbish must be below the rim

  • For your safety please do not move the trailer

  • Climb on the trailer at your own risk

  • Light/Household general mixed waste 3.5 cubic metre trailer bin max weight is 500kg 

  • Heavy/building mixed general waste 3.5 cubic metre trailer bin max weight is 1000kg

  • Green waste 3.5 cubic metre trailer bin max weight is 500kg

  • Overweight charges are:

    $25 per 100kg for 3.5cbm trailer bins

  • Loading the trailer over the rim will result in excess dump fees for us, therefore we may charge an extra $50

No dirt, concrete, brick, pavers or asbestos

Extra charges may be applied if these terms of service are not followed


Peninsula Trailer Bins will not be held liable for any damage to property by our bins while stored on hire


Asbestos - Incorrectly disposing of asbestos may lead to criminal prosecution. The hirer is liable for any asbestos found in any of our bins. The disposal costs of asbestos is the liability of the hirer, and may run into the thousands.



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